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It’ s happened to most of us when we’re enjoying some vino – that feeling sneaks up on you and affects you faster than you might think! For this and other reasons, some vino drinkers are searching out low-alcohol wines. Whether you want to feel a little less tipsy or looking to reduce your alcohol intake when you have a glass, low-alcohol vino might be right. The fact is when those sugars in grapes undergo fermentation to alcohol; voila, you have vino. Naturally, under-ripe grapes have less sugar and result in lower-alcohol vino. Balance is always the key. The sugar re-establishes acidity in grapes so that lower-sugar vino can be unnecessarily high in acidity. Some low-alcohol vino can have a little bit of residual sugar leftover to help tame high acidity – you won’t necessarily taste sweetness. Still, it will take the edge off super-high acid. In the same way that just a touch of sugar can make lemon juice palatable, the same goes for high-acid wine. It’s okay, get cozy and buy low alcohol wine online!

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